5 reasons why staying relationally connected makes your life better

We all know loneliness isn’t good for you.  Sure, of course, there are good things about some alone time or solitude, but when it comes to prolonged isolation or loneliness, it has been shown to be a significant risk factor for various chronic illnesses and even earlier mortality. It’s no wonder why God said, it’s not good for man (or woman) to be alone.  Conversely, staying relationally connected makes your life better in numerous ways.  Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. Staying relationally connected IRL makes your friendships better

    Although we do get forms of connectedness through social media, face-to-face connectedness brings it to another level. While social media can be convenient and enjoyable, connecting with other people in real time, in the real world help you build more meaningful relationships. Seeing someone you care about, hearing their tone of voice, and reading their body language help you to understand them better and they, you. When we feel understood by someone, we feel closer to them. 

  2. Staying relationally connected makes life more interesting

    Staying relationally connected adds spice to life. Having a group of people to share hobbies with and work alongside to accomplish goals makes your life more riveting. While individual awards are great, every championship team builds memories and long lasting friendships as they journey towards their goals and staying relationally connected means rolling up your sleeves beside someone, doing something you enjoy and/or find challenging and building memories around the entire experience. 

  3. Staying relationally connected gives support when difficult times arrive

    Staying relationally connected provides built in support when difficult times arrive. Knowing that you have a someone who you can reach out to when trouble arrives at your doorstep gives you the tangible sense that you aren’t in this alone.  Sharing the burden, makes the load lighter and it’s one of the most Christ-imitating things we can do. Christ who went further still, by actually taking the punishment of our sins from us and unto Himself, calls us to show love to each other this way (Galatians 6:2)

  4. Staying relationally connected provides accountability and protection

    Struggles and temptation arise regularly in our lives, but staying relationally connected can provide a close friend with whom we can share our struggles with. Having a trusted confidant helps you to stay motivated to live your best life, (the life that God has called you to) and when we fail to do so, that trusted person can be there to encourage, speak truth in love and pray alongside us. This connection is invaluable so guard this relationship, and as always treat them, the way you would want to be treated.

  5. Staying relationally connected provides purpose

    God himself is in community, and Jesus modelled His trust in and relationship to the Father as an example of how we are to live our life.  During his earthly ministry, Jesus also had a small group of friends whom he lived life alongside daily. They ate together, learned from him and he sent them out with a new purpose.  Strong relationships can help you see your purpose.  Our God is a personal God who wants people to know him by how they treat others.  Staying relationally connected helps you live out your purpose!

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Written by: Gary Campbell