Group Life at King

We believe at King Street Community Church that 'circles are better than rows' and that finding a place to belong can make a big difference in our lives. Circles can take many forms at KSCC. These groups are opportunities to form community, experience care and become more Christ-like.

Forming communities that care + promote

spiritual growth groups

These are opportunities to join a conversation around our common faith and build lasting friendships that help us grow and flourish. They are often interactions around the most recent Scripture Talk that helps us consider how we can apply the principles learned to our lives.


Seeker groups

To have questions is to be human! We are all looking for meaning and purpose in life. We have designed a series of groups that take questions and human problems seriously. On the other side of an honest question is the opportunity for a deeper faith to develop!


Support groups

Going it alone is not a recipe for fulfillment or success! There are seasons in life when we could use some help. We offer a series of support groups intended to strengthen and lift people as they walk through various challenges.


special interest groups

Reading, running, biking, painting...we all have interests! Hobbies are great opportunities for replenishment and doing them with friends exponentially increases the enjoyment!


Serve Groups

We are all on the planet to make this world a better place! When we find a place to serve that's consistent with our gifts and passions we generally excel at making other people's lives better. We have a place for you to serve here with us at KSCC!


Interested in leading a group?

Are you interested in volunteering as a leader of a group? Please follow the button below to visit out serve the church page for more details.