King Street Youth

Junior High: Wednesdays from 7–8:15pm in the loft

Senior High: Thursdays from 7–9pm in the loft

King Street Students is designed as a safe place for students of all ages.  King Street Students wants to inspire young people to live full and lasting lives for Christ, and we recognize that for many students this is a journey! Whether you have decided to follow Christ, or if you’re still in the process of figuring it out King Street Students is a place you can belong, connect and have fun.  From games, music, acts of service, field-trips, retreats and more, each week at King Street Students is crafted to meet students where they are at, and connect them to a community that encourages them in relationship with each other and with God.

Leadership Track:

Leadership Track is a BRAND NEW program we are offing for Sr. High Students this fall. Some of the most memorable moments of growth and connecting with Jesus for me as a teenager were when I was serving others. We want to take the opportunity to pour into the lives of young leaders, and raise them up to serve alongside our Jr. High and Kids programs. Each Wednesday at 6:15pm students will arrive for a Bible devotional and leadership training and activities. We will work together in a small group to build relationship, trust and friendships. Then from 7:00pm-8:15pm on that night Leadership Track students will either go and serve as leaders in the Jr. High program, or the Fusion Kids program, based on their choice/need in the ministries.

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Growing U (Sunday morning)

Growing U is our Sunday Morning teaching time for Gr. 6-8's. We meet in the Loft on the 1st, 3rd and 5th Sunday of the month.

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Sr. High Fall Retreat - ENDURE

We are heading back to Camp Medeba with our high school students. We will have a weekend full of campfires, outdoor activities, meaningful services, games, and lots more. Jon Ferreira is going to take the opportunity to speak for the weekend and get to know the Sr. High’s even better, and we will have our house worship band there to lead us for the weekend in worship and response times! There will also be team building opportunities like rope courses, and zip lines etc. Register online for $175!

summer 2019 Missions trip to the dominican republic

It’s our prayer now returning home, that you students would continue to cling to Jesus in this same way. Like the little children who felt so loved and cherished by us, may you, the @kingstreetstudents team, feel loved, cherished and empowered by truth. The truth that, you truly can do all things through Jesus. The truth that you were called for such a time as this. The truth that each of you are world changers. You are all coming back different, so stay different. Let God continue that work in you and go out and change our community, region, province and country by your love for Jesus ❤️ Checkout some of the photos below.

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