Backpack fundraiser

Help us partner with Staples Oshawa to provide backpacks and supplies for 100 students at Mary Street Community School. Together we can help under-resourced students get a great start to their school year as well as help resource teachers as they educate students. We are looking to raise $2,500 to accomplish this task. Any funds raise over and above will go to other previously approved 2019 local outreach initiatives.


First Light Foundation of Hope

This new organization seeks to demonstrate the love of Christ to the under-resourced living in downtown Oshawa through service. The organization’s mandate is to serve youth, addicts, the homeless, widows and orphans, and the formerly incarcerated.


Pregnancy Help Centre | Durham Region

Pregnancy Help Centre of Durham has been serving individuals and couples who are experiencing distress due to pregnancy for more than 20 years. The organization believes that life is an amazing gift from God and should be preserved. Our support will help them to provide baby supplies, prenatal classes, parent support groups and post-abortion counselling.


Gate 3:16 | Oshawa, ON

Gate 3:16 serves the homeless and under-resourced in Oshawa by offering basic essentials, counselling, and medical services. Our partnership helps to ensure that individuals have access to the basic needs and care that they require.


Breakfast Club | Queen Elizabeth Public School, Oshawa, ON

Research has shown time and time again that children learn better on a full stomach. We have partnered with Queen Elizabeth Public School to provide children from under-resourced families with a healthy breakfast every day of the week!