Small Groups

Small Groups are a key aspect of church life at KSCC because we believe that 'circles are better than rows.'



Starting on Wednesday, April 24th, we’re hosting an Alpha course as an opportunity for you to invite your friends, family, and co-workers to learn about Jesus. There is no cost to participate.


Living Room Gatherings

This is where community takes place, and it is our desire to see everyone doing life together. We gather to grow relationally and spiritually, and over food we serve, love, celebrate with and support each other when trouble shows up unexpectedly.  We meet weekly at various times and locations throughout the Durham region for 'Living Room Gatherings' and service opportunities.


Support groups

Our support groups are available to provide you with care through some of life’s most difficult challenges. You don’t need to go through separation, divorce, grief or mental health disabilities alone.


Adult electives

We believe in helping people love God, love people and serve the world, so we are offering a number of different adult electives. Come join us for our Parenting and Marriage Cafés or and other topical bible studies.  Adult Electives are available every Wednesday at 7:00pm and run concurrently with children and student programs.