What guests can expect on a Sunday morning.

First, let us say welcome. We're so happy that you've taken a moment to check out our church.

Our Sunday morning gatherings begin each week at 10:30 am, but of course, you can drop by a little earlier to meet some new friends and grab a coffee at our cafe.

At King Street Community Church, we hope this is a place that you feel welcome and at home.  We are a faith community of believers that display our faithful love for God through our unconditional love for people. And we strive to show this love in a way that serves our community and our world.  

We know that attending a new church can be intimidating.  Knowing where to go, how it all works, and what to expect can throw even the most seasoned church-goer off.  So being mindful of that, everyone from our greeters at the door, to our volunteer hosts, to our regular attendees make special efforts to ensure you feel welcome, answer any questions you may have, and allow you to express your doubts, concerns, and even your fears about what it means to  relate to God.

More than anything, we want to help you on your journey of faith.



First time guests—we’ve reserved prime parking for you right in the front of the church entrance. Our greeters and parking attendants will direct you where to park and into our lobby from there. We deeply value all of our guests!


Is there a dress code? How long is the gathering?

Everyone is welcome! But you may be wondering, what should I wear? The atmosphere is casual—come as you are. Our gatherings are typically 75 minutes in length and focus on providing each person an experiential worship encounter with God and an opportunity to hear a relevant and practical teaching from the Bible that will help you with real life.


children’s programs

We have a special space for all children of all ages—from birth right up to grade 5 we have age-appropriate programs so your little ones can have fun and learn at their own level, all in a safe and clean environment.


What does a typical gathering look like?

At 10:30am, our worship team will begin the gathering by leading 3–4 songs, the lyrics and song titles are up on the screen for you to follow along if you’d like. After this, the pastor will be out to share a message (scripture talk) 25–30 minutes. Our gatherings are about 75 minutes long.


a place to hangout

The King Street Cafe is a warm, friendly place to grab a drink and a snack, and sit down to visit with new and old friends! Our friendly cafe staff are looking forward to welcoming you! The King Street Cafe is open every Sunday from 9:30am-10:30am, and again following the gathering from 12:00pm-12:30pm.


Didn't find what you're looking for?  We're here to help.  Simply drop us an email or a text with your question.