It’s About Time


a Note from pastor dave…

We’re glad you’ve chosen to join us on one of the most beautiful and meaningful nights of the year.

This evening is a time of preparation; but not the typical kind of ‘running around’ often associated with getting ready for an event.  The preparation we will do tonight is “preparation of the heart.”  In the one hour that we have together, we will light candles, listen to stories, watch videos, sing songs and enjoy the sound of great music – all of this being done to help us make more room in our hearts for Jesus Christ.

Christmas is about God revealing himself to us and telling the whole world that he cares deeply about us.  God cares so deeply for the human family that he sent his Only Son Jesus, to save us and rescue us from a life without purpose and hope.

Our theme tonight is "About Time."  Time moves in one direction - forward.  The older we get; it seems to move more quickly.  We're taught in Scripture to make the most of every opportunity.  Scripture also teaches that when the time was right, God sent his Son to free us from a life of sin and hopelessness.  

Our hope for you this Christmas is that you will enjoy the celebration and come to realize that every moment of your life matters - that we were all made for more!  Not necessarily for 'more' consumption, but for a bigger purpose!

We’re glad you came tonight and we’re honored that you included us in your Christmas celebration!  

Merry Christmas to you,

Dave Larmour
Lead Pastor

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