Fusion Kids

Our Sunday morning children’s program

For children from birth to grade 5. At Fusion Kids we want to help kids connect with God and with each other in a meaningful and age appropriate way.


Every wednesday night 7–8:15PM

For kids birth to grade 5. Join us for a night of fun with games, songs, prizes, a lot of laughter and a chance to learn about God’s love in a way your kids will understand. The last Wednesday night of each month are our P.O.P Nights (it’s our Party On Purpose) – this is a great opportunity for kids to invite their friends – and it coincides with our Parenting/Married Life Café, so there is something for everyone in the family. 

Special Events


Power Up! Vacation Day Camp 2019

Happening July 15–19th. Come and discover how to ‘raise your game’ through fun games, crafts, prizes, great bible stories and so much more (like a fantastic water day)! Checkout the event by clicking the button below for more details.


POP Night (Party on Purpose)

Our next POP night is Wednesday, May 29th. Don't miss our Under the Sea Party! (There will be a party for the Toddler Village kids too.) It will be night of themed snacks, games and prizes. Get ready for a TON of fun! This is a fantastic night to invite a friend!


Grade 5 Graduation Party

You are invited to our graduation party to make the transition to Jr. High! Come on out on Wednesday, June 5th, at 6:00pm for an ice cream party. We want to celebrate you and introduce you to your Jr. High leaders! Please RSVP to pia@kingstreet.org.