Generous Hospitality

The word ‘hospitality’ is commonly used in the restaurant, or hotel industry.  It comes from an Old French word that is related to ‘hospital’ – a place where people are given excellent care!  At its root understanding is the idea of being an ‘excellent host, who provides friendliness to guests!’

I’m sitting in my office, writing this blog reflecting on the gracious and generous hospitality I experienced just a couple of hours ago.  A friend of mine took me out for lunch – to a beautiful little place called Felicios Cake Boutique downtown Oshawa.  If you’ve never been to Felicios, you need to go!  It’s a beautiful, quaint little place hosted by a wonderful staff. 

It had been far too long since I had connected with my Pastor friend.  We enjoyed a meaningful conversation together, and when we were ready to go - he reached for the bill.  I insisted that I pay, but he insisted with greater zeal – and he won!  He wasn’t done demonstrating generous hospitality to me, he proceeded to make me take a picture of the dessert found in the glass show case and he made me text my daughters and wife to ask which dessert they wanted me to bring home.  I’ve included a picture of the dessert window just to encourage you to make the trek to Felicios!


Leaving my lunch meeting with a bag of desserts reminded me of the beautiful gift that generous hospitality can have on someone’s soul. I felt loved, valued and cared for! I felt inspired to be generously hospitable to someone else.   

Scripture teaches that we are to ‘Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice hospitality” (Romans 12:13).  I wouldn’t put myself in the category of ‘in need’ – but I was refreshed by my pastor friend’s hospitality!

Felicio’s will always hold out some good memories for me—it was there that my pastor friend took me to school and taught me the beauty of generous hospitality!  I think I will go back to Felicio’s again, and take someone with me … I may just pick up the bill!

—Dave Larmour